Biking Ulster County

Bicyclists of all ages, experiences, and skill lovers flock to bike trails in Ulster County, New York! Whether you’re searching for peaceful views or adventurous excursions, day trips or lengthy journeys, Ulster County offers something for every cyclist. Learn what to expect on Ulster County bike trails and start planning the trip of a lifetime.

Preparing For Your Trip

Ulster County trails are so popular because cyclists can bring their own bicycles and other equipment. Riding is always more enjoyable when you have familiar, reliable equipment close at hand.

Make sure to pack the best gear for each trail. You can enjoy the Hudson Valley Rail Trails and other paved systems on any type of bike, including touring and cross country bicycles. Bring a cross country or mountain bike for unpaved trails in the Mohonk Preserve and Lippman Park Trail Networks. 

Don’t have a bike of your own, or just don’t want to travel with it? Local bicycle shops like New Paltz Biking offer bike rentals.

Trail Etiquette

Basic trail etiquette will keep you and other cyclists safe. Here are some of the most common expectations for using Ulster Trails. We recommend checking the signage at each trailhead for more specific requirements.

Biking Do’s:

  • DO use the trails between dawn and dusk, not overnight
  • DO respect private property that borders the trails
  • DO keep your dog on a 6-foot or shorter leash at all times

Biking Don’ts:

  • DON’T litter
  • DON’T bring weapons including firearms to the trail
  • DON’T bring alcohol or other drugs onto the trail

Lippman Park Trail Network

The Lippman Park Trail Network is home to 26 single-track cross-country trails with a range of difficulties. Try mountain biking for the first time with easy to moderate trails, or challenge yourself with black diamond routes. A mountain bike or cross country bike is a must. Lippmann Park offers free access and pets are welcome throughout most of the park.


Tadpole #1

Length: 1.2 miles
Difficulty: Easy

This short trail features gentle inclines and descents perfect for beginner cross-country cyclists.


Lyon’s Gait

Length: 1 mile
Difficulty: Moderate

This moderately difficult trail has a 157-foot incline and a 198-foot decline.


Paul Bunyan

Length: 3,960 feet
Difficulty: Moderate

The Paul Bunyan trail offers a 162-foot incline and 128-foot descent. Ride in either direction for a different experience each time.



Length: 4,376 feet
Difficulty: Moderate

This popular trail can be ridden in either direction. Thunder offers a moderately steep 216-foot climb and a 200-foot descent.


Yellow Jacket

Length: 1,378 feet
Difficulty: Moderate

Yellow Jacket trail is short, but has plenty to offer! Tackle its 58-foot climb and 16-foot descent on your next visit to Lippman Park.



Length: 1,739 feet
Difficulty: Challenging

This black-diamond trail is best left to the experts. Viper offers jumps, skill features, a 133-foot climb, and a 56-foot descent.



Length: 4,348 feet
Difficulty: Challenging

Another expert-level trail, Chupacabra features an evenly-matched 165-foot climb and 164-foot descent.

Hudson Valley Rail Trails

The Hudson Valley Rail Trails system includes paved trails that meander through multiple Ulster County villages and townships. Perks include free trail access, widespread parking, public restrooms, and a visitor center. Cyclists with any level of experience can enjoy the Hudson Valley Rail Trails.


Hudson Valley Rail Trail

Length: 7 miles
Difficulty: Easy

This paved trail begins at the Walkway Over The Hudson State Park in Lloyd, New York. Enjoy 7 miles of smooth asphalt that’s perfect for any skill level.


Empire State Trail

Length: 2 miles
Difficulty: Moderate

Pass through downtown New Paltz on this paved connection between the Hudson Valley Rail Trail and the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail. You’ll share the road with motor vehicle traffic, so this trail is best suited for experienced bicyclists.


Wallkill Valley Rail Trail

Length: 21.3 miles
Difficulty: Moderate

This unpaved linear trail is well-maintained, so it’s accessible to experienced cyclists with off-road bicycles. The trail offers beautiful mountain, water, and prairie views between scenic villages and towns.

Mohonk Preserve Trail Network

The Mohonk Preserve in Kerhonkson, NY offers 16 multi-use gravel and dirt trails designed for hiking and biking. These trails are unpaved, so bring a cross country or mountain bike on your trip. Visitors need a Mohonk Preserve Day Pass or Membership to access the following trails.


Overcliff Carriage Road

Length: 2.4 miles
Difficulty: Easy

Don’t let the name fool you: Overcliff Carriage Road is an easy trail with a gentle 79-foot elevation.


Undercliff Carriage Road

Length: 2.3 miles
Difficulty: Easy

This simple trail features beautiful scenery and only a 48-foot elevation gain.


Long Woodland Drive

Length: 3,274 feet
Difficulty: Moderate

You’ll enjoy amazing downhill travel if you can tackle this trail’s 43-foot black diamond climb.


Humpty Dumpty Carriage Road

Length: 1,647 feet
Difficulty: Moderate

This short trail packs a 52-foot black diamond climb and a 32-foot descent into just 1,647 feet.


Glory Hill Road

Length: 4,567 feet
Difficulty: Moderate to Challenging

This trail is perfect for downhill lovers thanks to its steep 259-foot descent.


Old Minnewaska Road

Length: 4,911 feet
Difficulty: Moderate to Challenging

This multi-use trail offers amazing downhill stretches that make up for its high level of physical difficulty.


Kleinekill Road

Length: 3,041 feet
Difficulty: Challenging

This dirt and gravel track is perfect for hiking and biking.


Laurel Ledge Road

Length: 2 miles
Difficulty: Challenging

You’ll find a steep, 344-foot black diamond climb and an 81-foot descent on this expert trail.

Stop by New Paltz Biking in The Village of New Paltz to learn more about these trails! We’re passionate about our local trails and we can’t wait to help you plan your next Ulster County biking trip.